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Our winklepickers a la Gaultier!

Posted in Uncategorized by undergroundengland on February 24, 2009

Afro Wigs, Bondage Straps and the Clash flowing in your ears!
Jean-Paul Gaultier never ceases to fail when it comes to putting up a great show.
You can imagine our excitement when we were asked to provide the footwear for his menswear collection!
The combination was ideal.
Mr Gaultiers perfectly tailored suits were accentuated by our sharp winklepickers.
Our pointies also added that extra historical reference to one of the themes of the collection, that of the Mods and Punks.
Check out the whole collection on http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/F2009MEN/review/JPGMEN



Manchester International Tattoo Convention Is Back!

Posted in Uncategorized by undergroundengland on February 23, 2009


It’s safe to say, thanks to our resident tattooists at Blue Blood, we’re loving interesting ink at Underground and for me personally, tattoos have become more addictive than Terry’s Chocolate Orange ever was for Dawn French.  So I’m super excited that once again, and now in it’s 8th year, the Manchester International Tattoo Convention looks set to be stronger than ever in 2009.

The highly anticipated weekend for tattoo fanatics and internationally renowned artists hits the city on March 7th and 8th and will be held at Manchester Central (formally Gmex).

This year, you’ll recognise some of the tattooists hard at work including Dan Gold of London Ink fame, this fella has inked the likes of Kate Moss and Kasabian (ooh-err).

Dan’s background in graffiti art dictates his bold tattoo style and whilst he’ll be tattooing over the course of the convention, he will also be promoting his very own range of tattoo inks.

Don’t be shy, say hello to him here:  http://www.myspace.com/thedangold

For more information on Manchester International Tattoo Convention, be sure to stop by the website:


Best to start booking your tickets now!  We love hearing from you so whatever weird, wonderful and downright odd tattoos you have done, please send a clear photo of your design and a few words about why you like Underground Shoes to my friendly inbox below, and we’ll pick our favourite inked customers to be featured on the Undergroundengland Blog.

Have fun!

Kelly xx


Underground Gets Inked At Blue Blood

Posted in Uncategorized by undergroundengland on February 18, 2009

Well, we couldn’t just tell you about this studio without checking it out could we? I opted to get my foot tattooed by Matt in January after Polly designed my rambling, unclear ideas to perfection. It’s really colourful and pretty, and just what I wanted! Thank you all!

Having only opened the shop in April 2008, it’s fast become a great place to get inked and hopefully you lovely Underground fans will agree!

To show you the whole process, we’ve made a couple of videos with the help of Roach Productions; there’s a look at the shop in South Manchester where we filmed the tattoo being done and some behind the scenes fun. But we’re not just stopping there, Kyle and I also a web viral advert showcasing the finished article slipping into some of my favourite Underground pumps.

Check it out here:


I liked my experience with Polly and Matt so much that I’m going back in March! Winner. Make sure you check out the photo gallery on their Myspace page with lots of their awesome work.


Kelly xx


We Heart Blue Blood Tattoos

Posted in Uncategorized by undergroundengland on February 18, 2009


Whilst we’re being constantly inspired by music here at Underground, we also get rather excited by the different visual aspects in which the rock n’ roll lifestyle can be captured. From photography to film and fashion, there has always been controversial imagery associated with musicians who in turn inspire other forms of art. And tattoos, whether they’

re to your personal taste or not, can arguably be as iconic as the person wearing them.

Bringing the subculture forward and into the mainstream with shows like LA and London Ink, has made the acceptance of tattoos in everyday life far easier than it was ten years ago. But it’

s not all about footballers enjoying fashion statements is it? Tattoos, are rightly so, about loving body art and showing your individual identity. Ok, so sometimes rock star antics means designs are chosen for shock value but one thing we do know is that loads of our favourite bands have and love their ink.

So, we thought we’

d bring a bit of our fascination with the tattoo lifestyle into the mix with wearing Underground shoes and what better way to introduce you to some brilliant young tattoo artists than to find a local, independent shop based here in Manchester?

Blue Blood Tattoos is a new business at under a year old, which has gone from strength to strength in 2008 by catering for all kinds of clients, specialising in bespoke designs and all in a friendly little studio with non-stop cups of tea!

Matt, the owner and his lovely apprentice Polly have two different styles of tattooing; Matt’

s speciality is Traditional Western and Polly is an all rounder, trying every style as she progresses her already pretty amazing skills.


MISS POLLYpolly-11

Blue Blood adapt any idea you have and come back with it tailored to your needs. How cool is that? Oh and did we mention Matt and Polly are fanatical about music? What’s that? You’

re way overdue in booking a new tattoo and want some free tea whilst listening to punk? Then we recommend you pay them visit to Blue Blood here:

Blue Blood Tattoo Studio
100B Sale Road

0161 998 1220



On Saturdays, you can also get pierced!

Kelly xx

WIN! Signed SB6 Goodies!

Posted in Uncategorized by undergroundengland on February 16, 2009


For the chance to win a live DVD of Sonic Boom Six playing in Manchester, signed by all 5 members of the band,  just answer this easy question:

What is the name of Sonic Boom Six’s own record label?

Email your correct answers to our lovely press lady here:


Kelly xx

Sonic Boom Six Record 4th Album & Plan New Tour

Posted in Music, News by undergroundengland on February 16, 2009

With a hectic 2008 out of the way, Sonic Boom Six are currently digesting the festive treats with a pair of unbranded slippers and full throttle music detox.

Yeah right. They will however be snugly tucked into new Underground shoes and well within in their comfort zone by getting back into the studio.

In recent months, SBS have gained a new member and additional six-stringer in the form of ex-Howards Alias trombone master, Nick Horne. So after a mammoth amount of touring with an extra guitarist no less, The Boom have graced an impressive amount of stages across the world.

Going from Japan to America, playing festivals with the likes of Blondie, and even starting their own fully independent record label, the Mancunian punks will be slowing down for no one as they set about the writing process for a new record, their forth full-length album which they are currently recording in Devon.

With guitarist Ben promising to ‘bring the rock’ in their video interview for our site, the new tunes will see a heavier route taken through their trademark genre maze. Excited much? We do like things heavy on planet Underground.

Don’t worry though, they won’t be cooped up the whole year, you can still check them out on some UK dates with Reggae/Ska legends The Beat, which kicks off in Oxford on March 12th…


For now, be sure to keep up to date with SB6’s record label, Rebel Alliance Recordings. Check out all the info on the bands and sounds they’re releasing. If you like them, you can purchase shiny cds and magical MP3’s that live in your computer and probably make you dance out loud.



Kelly xx

Sonic Boom Six And Underground Get Interactive

Posted in collaborations, competitions, Music by undergroundengland on February 16, 2009


Being a Manchester based outfit with international recognition as a distinct brand, we thought we’d have a thing or two in common with our favourite locals Sonic Boom Six.

The Northern DIYers have been wearing our shoes for a while now and with a new website to show off, we wanted our first port of call in the land of interactive genius to be in our hometown with a generous explosion of home-grown talent.

Enter SBS, a band that started over six years ago whilst at Salford University, who’ve now outlasted countless British Ska bands that initially made an impression on a dying UK punk scene. Keeping it alive on the underground with their ear-bending eclecticism in full view, the quintet are today stronger than ever and touring like a Greyhound bus being towed by the Roadrunner.

Signed to independent labels in Japan and America, not to mention starting what front-woman Leila describes as “not just a highlight of 2008 but a highlight of my life” in the shape of their very own record label in Blighty, this band never fail to adapt and succeed in making current sounds for adventurous music fans.

By adopting certain hand gestures to men in suits carrying fat cheques, SBS have taken situations that require too much compromise for art and turned them into new opportunities. Their blend of punk, ska, dub, rock, reggae and hip-hop makes them one of the most unique bands not only in Manchester but wherever they roam.

Clearly, SBS have evolved into an identifiable and outspoken force in UK music. If you haven’t seen them live, make it your new year’s resolution to get acquainted with their antics. Roomer has it they’ll be wearing some pretty cool shoes…

Watch our video here:

filmed on 10th December 2008 at the band’s hometown gig at Manchester Academy 3. And no, we didn’t give them cookies and ice-cream, they really are that nice.

Kelly xx

New Year, New Site

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Welcome to the new Underground-England blog!

We didn’t just eat excessive amounts of mince pies over the winter months. Oh no, we did anything but prepare for hibernation – we put our space age thinking caps on at the end of 08 and decided to make things a lot more enjoyable for our Internet consumers in 2009.

Being inspired by so many varieties of art, especially music and the fashions it brings, which can clearly be seen from Underground’s unique shoe designs, we wanted to take it one interactive step closer to showing you what goes on with some of the people we sponsor and why, like you, they choose to wear our brand.

My names Kelly and I’m a freelance music and lifestyle journalist from Manchester. I’m the new music correspondent for Underground, which is by all accounts, pretty fun. I’m addicted to watching and writing about live music. Oh, and comfy shoes that I can wear to gigs without carrying blister plasters!

I really like the designs Underground produce and the ethics and thinking behind them so I wanted to get involved with the company. Also, as a vegetarian, there’s loads of choice for canvas pumps and boots, which can be difficult to find from some well-known brands. Make sure you have a good browse through all our new stock to find your perfect pair.

Along with our cameraman Kyle, I’ll be talking to the artists who get us so excited we have to tell you about their talents in blogs and videos. We’ll also be running exclusive competitions for our customers and fans of the bands.

Our press lady Axe will be keeping you up to date on Underground’s success in the fashion world on this blog – she’s so cool that she’s even designed her own range of shoes! So keep reading to bag yourself a pair of her limited edition designs.

If you have any questions about how to get your music involved at Underground, or to send any hampers filled with kittens and chocolates, you can email me here:


Currently listening to: The Gallows – Orchestra Of Wolves

Currently reading: Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

Kelly xx