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Sonic Boom Six And Underground Get Interactive

Posted in collaborations, competitions, Music by undergroundengland on February 16, 2009


Being a Manchester based outfit with international recognition as a distinct brand, we thought we’d have a thing or two in common with our favourite locals Sonic Boom Six.

The Northern DIYers have been wearing our shoes for a while now and with a new website to show off, we wanted our first port of call in the land of interactive genius to be in our hometown with a generous explosion of home-grown talent.

Enter SBS, a band that started over six years ago whilst at Salford University, who’ve now outlasted countless British Ska bands that initially made an impression on a dying UK punk scene. Keeping it alive on the underground with their ear-bending eclecticism in full view, the quintet are today stronger than ever and touring like a Greyhound bus being towed by the Roadrunner.

Signed to independent labels in Japan and America, not to mention starting what front-woman Leila describes as “not just a highlight of 2008 but a highlight of my life” in the shape of their very own record label in Blighty, this band never fail to adapt and succeed in making current sounds for adventurous music fans.

By adopting certain hand gestures to men in suits carrying fat cheques, SBS have taken situations that require too much compromise for art and turned them into new opportunities. Their blend of punk, ska, dub, rock, reggae and hip-hop makes them one of the most unique bands not only in Manchester but wherever they roam.

Clearly, SBS have evolved into an identifiable and outspoken force in UK music. If you haven’t seen them live, make it your new year’s resolution to get acquainted with their antics. Roomer has it they’ll be wearing some pretty cool shoes…

Watch our video here:

filmed on 10th December 2008 at the band’s hometown gig at Manchester Academy 3. And no, we didn’t give them cookies and ice-cream, they really are that nice.

Kelly xx